Innovative Stretch Film Packaging since 2011

The company was founded in 2011 by Mr. Frank Bruhn with the aim to service the manufacturing industry with packaging solutions and services. Frank Bruhn ApS is a privately owned company located in the southern part of Denmark, close to the German border. Our core competences are packaging technology and machine building. We work closely with partners where we rely on their core competences within e.g. electrical cabinets, steel parts, automation technology and conveyor systems. Customer dialogue and communication means a lot to us. We constantly strive to understand the customer’s real needs and problems and to be a committed “no-bull shit” and solution-oriented partner.Based on our many years of experience with packaging machines, PE-film and customer needs and pains we have developed a new generation of in-line horizontal tube stretch packaging machines – we call our machines RoRo StretchPack

Roll to roll plastic stretch wrapping machines
Example of the Horizontal Stretch Packaging Machine Setup.

Frank Bruhn ApS - Innovative solutions for Stretch Packaging of e.g. Building Materials (Wood, Insulation etc.) in all sizes